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In our workshops at WhiteLight we offer art as one way to connect to our self in a very profound way and express what lies deep within us. It’s a very powerful way of healing which helps us to open our heart and without the need of verbalizing while creating we release, we let go and we find a way to deal even with the scary things, hidden in our  subconscious.

We all are born with an innate desire to express ourselves and art is a great medium to do so. And by art I’m not just talking about painting, art can be any kind of expression with any material you can think of. There is no right or wrong. And the best part is that the focus is not on the outcome, it’s about the process which reveals so much about us. And during this process we can let go of any expectations and enjoy the moment in a save and protected environment without judgment.

We can play again and while playing we can discover and connect to our creative power and realize our full potential.

Through the distance between oneself and the created art we can experience and feel ourselves. We also learn to find a better way to deal with our emotions more mindfully.

Many people initially are anxious when I say let’s create together. They respond by saying “Oh, I can’t paint. I am not good at it.” And I ask them “Says who?”

It takes a few moments till they warm up but once they start I ensure you they don’t want to stop and they are surprised with their creation at the end. And with a big smile they confess “It’s not that bad after all and I haven’t even held a brush for 20 years”.

Scientific studies show that art enhances self-esteem, gives a sense of control, and relieves stress and tension. It utilizes the creative process to promote growth, self-expression, emotional reparation, conflict resolution and transformation. Deepak Chopra found that creative experiences increased the blood flow to the brain, and that enjoyable creative activity gives rise to α-wave pattern on EEG which is typical of a relaxed but aware state of mind called restful alertness which is also found in meditation.

Healing through Art is a self-help therapy. Anyone can do art healing, and most people do art healing in their own homes, using whatever methods they prefer and creating any type of artwork. Art healing is a personal journey and needs no therapist and no analysis. In creating artwork, the healing process has already begun.

Imagery is one of medicine’s oldest and most powerful tools. In healing rituals and ceremonies, imagery of dreams and visions have been used for centuries. Modern medicine, with all the emphasis on new technologies and curing of disease, seems to have forgotten the healing tools of the past. However, in the last couple of decades, there has been an increasing interest in a more holistic type of medicine including complementary forms of healing such as guided imagery, art healing and hypnotherapy.