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WhiteLight empowers an individual by providing self-healing tools to become self-aware and accompanies seekers on their spiritual journey


Our aspiration is to heal the leaders, healers, mothers and children.






Center Solan, India


WhiteLight Solan is a place of rest and refuge for souls on their earthly journey. It is located in the lower Himalayas near Solan, in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The twenty-seven-acre campus, shaped like a triangle, is surrounded by natural mountain barriers and pine forests. Inspired by mother nature, the buildings are made of natural materials like mud, stone and wood using ancient construction techniques of the region.


The location along with the energy of all the visitors so far have created a powerful Center for future meditators and seekers.


The center comprises of ten rooms, a yoga hall, a circular meditation temple, and an art studio and is able to accommodate groups up to twenty people.



in the WHITELIGHT workshops,
we discover all major healing techniques to heal the
physical body, energy body, emotional body, thought body and the spirit body


in this workshops we learn key things such as:

The Path to Light
Three Energy Principles
Seven planes of consciousness
Teachings from the Bhagavad Gita
Teachings from the Upanishads
– Meditation
– Yoga
– Hypnotherapy
– Healing through Art



For the WhiteLight workshop we recommend the following:

  • Comfortable clothes for yoga and meditation
  • A device (iphone, ipad or laptop) to watch YouTube videos
  • Headphones
  • Notebook and pen
  • Sneakers/Walking shoes
  • Warm clothes
  • Raincoat/Poncho
  • Shawl
  • Flip flops

Recommended Reading

  • Journey of Souls by Michael Newton
  • Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss

Recommended Videos

  • Path to Light Summary (hyperlink)
  • Process of Healing (hyperlink)


the WHITELIGHT method


The WhiteLight Method is a combination of what is called Yoga nidra in the east and hypnosis in the west. Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness that we all experience every day in day dreaming for example.
In this state your logical and analytical faculties of the conscious mind are reduced sufficiently to allow access to your subconscious mind. In the subconscious mind everything you have experienced is stored, every face you have ever seen, every smell, taste and emotion ever felt.
There we are able to recondition our mind with positive beliefs, desirable behaviors and healthy attitudes. Accessing your own subconscious mind, you are able to understand the spiritual cause for your situation or choices made. Utilizing states of deep relaxation, we assist in uncovering and exploring memories, emotions and past events, which may affect you in the present.

By activating your own inner resources, the WhiteLight Method can help you heal in various processes of self-healing.

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What is meditation?

Meditation is food for the soul. Just as there is no technique to eating food, we believe there is no right or wrong technique to meditate.

Simply close your eyes, sit in a quiet place every day for 15 to 30 minutes and this is the start of your mediation practice.
“Mediation muscles” take time to build and with practice and patience they get stronger. Once the meditator spends disciplined time in meditation, the meditation becomes easy and one starts to enjoy the practice.

WhiteLight is offering meditation as part of the workshops in selected energy centers such as the WhiteLight center in Solan.



Devotion means to devote oneself to something bigger larger than one’s ego, a larger purpose or cause.

A mother devotes herself to her family. An artist devotes himself to his community, a politician devotes himself to his tribe.

In our language if we say devotion, we mean devoting oneself to light. There have been many light masters, that have appeared on earth and when they leave from earth, a new belief system gets formed and becomes genesis of a new religion.

Following are links to devotional songs of various faiths that might expand your meditative journey.
To begin, put on your headphones, find a peaceful spot, close your eyes and listen to the music.

Links to devotional music:


What is Yoga?

“Yoga is that inner state
in which the mind comes to rest”

– Patanjali Yoga Sutra 1.2


Yoga means union with oneself and the divine. It is a philosophy, a way of living and much more than a sequence of bodily postures. It includes breathing techniques, relaxation, balanced nutrition, positive thinking and meditation.

Yoga works primarily with the energy in the body, through the science of pranayama, or energy-control. Prana means also ‘breath.’ Yoga teaches how, to use the breath, to still the mind and attain higher states of awareness.

The ultimate goals are mastery of the mind, control over emotions and spiritual growth.

We at WhiteLight use a sequence of 12 basic asanas, supported by sun salutations and relaxation poses. A hatha yoga session averages between 90-120 minutes.

Would you like to experience a session? Sign up for one today.

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WhiteLight is working on simplifying spiritual knowledge by creating videos on YouTube that are easy to comprehend.

These videos will go through an enhancement in the next few months by adding high quality animation and voice overs.

We apologize in advance for the quality of the sound and we highly recommend using headphone’s while watching these videos.

Please use the buttons below to openand close the video sections.


This is a 13-episode video series on healing.

Episode Summary

This video is the summary of the entire series

Episode 1

Seven Plane of Consciousness

This video explains the seven pursuits of people

Episode 2

Three Energies

This video explains the three energies of creation

Episode 3

Two Forces

This video explains the two opposing forces, light and shade

Episode 4

Energy Balance

This video explains how to balance energy

Episode 5

Seven Phases of Life

This video explains the different phases of life

Episode 6

Journey of a soul, part 1

This video explains the reincarnation journey of a soul named Ira

Episode 7

Journey of a soul, part 2

This video explains the reincarnation journey of a soul named Ira

Episode 8

Journey of a soul, part 3

This video explains the reincarnation journey of a soul named Ira

Episode 9

Journey of a soul, part 4

This video explains the reincarnation journey of a soul named Ira

Episode 10

Journey of a soul, part 5

This video explains the reincarnation journey of a soul named Ira

Episode 11

Process of Healing

This video explains the five-body principle and how to heal these bodies

Episode 12

Types of Healers

This video describes the various types of healers

Episode 13

Unbalanced Healers

This video explains the definition of an unbalanced healer

Bhagavad Gita

This is a 10-episode video series on the Gita.

Episode Summary

This video is the summary of the entire series

Episode 1

The Search

This video explains the search of light

Episode 2

Three Lights

This video explains the three primary energies of the universe

Episode 3

Golden Light

This video explains the quality of a person who is awake

Episode 4


This video explains the quality of a person who is in the shade

Episode 5

Path of Knowledge

This video explains the path that leads to knowledge

Episode 6

Path of Action

This video explains the path that leads to action

Episode 7

Path of Meditation

This video explains the path that leads to meditation

Episode 8

Path of Devotion

This video explains the path that leads to devotion

Episode 9


This video explains the qualities of the creator



Episode 1

Iso Upanishad

This video is based on the Iso Upanishad and discusses monism versus theism, the pursuit of karma versus the pursuit of self, and virtue versus vice

Episode 2

Kena Upanishad

This video is based on Kena Upanishad and discusses the nature of knowledge and the source of inner strength

Episode 3

Mandukya Upanishad

This video describes the Mandukya Upanishad and the four states of consciousness

Episode 4

Katha Upanishad

This video is based on the Katha Upanishad and describes a conversation between a young boy named Nachiketa and Yama, the Lord of Death


Dr. Yogesh Choudhary
Gurugram, India


Dr. Yogesh Choudhary, Director of the Indian Institute of Hypnotherapy is a full-time dedicated Hypnotherapist. He has 17 years of experience in practicing Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Between Life therapy, and Past Life Regression Therapy. 
He is a qualified teacher of Hypnotherapy and has trained numerous Hypnotherapists over the years.

Cheshta Sawhney
Delhi, Toronto


Cheshta Sawhney is a channel, she has the gift to access information from the energy body and release attached energies. Healing sessions can be carried out in person or remotely over the phone using Skype. She has helped many people with various issues such as difficult relationships, childhood traumas, phobias and so forth. Her abilities can help you to see life in its totality and therefore get a deeper understanding about one’s past, how to deal with the present, so that one can shape the desired future.

Ajay Kapoor and Suruchi Dayal
Dharamshala, India


Ajay and Suruchi offer silent meditation retreats at the Z-Meditation Center, Dharamshala, in the lower Himalayas. In these residential workshops, one gains deeper knowledge of how the mind works, what is the reason of suffering and how to decondition the mind. It’s a beautiful mix of classes on philosophy and meditation practice.

Smriti Sawhney
Toronto, Canada


Smriti Sawhney is a clairvoyant, she has the gift to access information from the spiritual body and release attached energies and energy blockages. She has the ability to look at the root cause of one’s suffering and can help release old thought pattern and believes, childhood trauma, self-doubts and so forth. Healing sessions are carried out remotely over the phone using Skype. Her abilities can help you to see your life from a different perspective and therefore supporting you in becoming who you really are.

Mona Wind
Boston, USA


Mona Wind is a consciousness teacher and healer from an ancient Indian lineage. She is able to read and heal using the Akashic records where all information of the universe is stored. During sessions you can learn about your past lives, heal blockages, release karma, shift and heal lineage patterns and increase your awareness and consciousness.

Varun Talwar
New York, India, Vienna


Varun is a teacher and life coach. He teaches a workshop called Path to Light to founders of creative firms, technology firms and firms in the business of healing.

Christina Sutterlitte
Vienna, India, New York


Christina is a teacher at WhiteLight, she helps organize workshops in different parts of the world. In these workshops she offers yoga and meditation classes, sessions using the White Light Method and healing art classes.

Danielle Tarantola
New York, USA


Danielle is director of Yoga Foundation, located in New York. She is teaching yoga, yoga therapy, meditation, Vedic chanting, yoga philosophy and much more. You can take individual classes to develop a personalized, healing Yoga practice relevant to your needs or sign up for one of her workshops.



In the last 6 years, White Light has been the catalyst for many deep awakenings for me. The workshopI attended last year in Solan was truly magical, because it not only helped me heal, but also within a few days, I learnt to do healings for other people and myself as well. I learnt in a few days what takes many months to master, and the energy of the spaceand the intuition of the teachers had a lot to do with it. They work selflessly, with beautiful generosity to help, heal and support others. Even while working, we arestill able to laugh, be silly and be human, which is so precious to me. The space at Solanis only the physical manifestation of the energy that is working through White Light and I would highly recommend it to anyone on the spiritual path.
– Shagun Rastogi



The space at White Light Solanis an opportunity to discover and experience a new dimension to life. Words can’t describe thetransformation that happens. Only actual experiencewill help you appreciate the possibilities for your spiritual and personalgrowth.Recommended for seekers who wish to journey beyondthe ordinary.
– Anuroop, Tony Singh



You will find everything that you might be looking for to have much needed space from the hustle and bustle of your life. Teachers at White Light have a great set of tools at their disposal to help you understand your deeper self. It’s a great place for relaxation, learning and meditation. We highly recommend White Light Solan Centre.
– Ajay and Suruchi



I was entranced by the serenity and energy of that place. During myvisit I came across multiple things my soul was longing for. First of all I could be myself. Secondly I could choose to heal my body and soul through various techniques; Imeditated, painted, danced under the night sky and experienced a session with one of the healers at White Light where I saw one of my past lives. It was an incredible journey and this experience will stay with me forever.
– Uzma (art therapist)



Discovering White Light and all the teachers and healers working there with dedication, passion and care made my 10 years journey of personal development and healing that lead to it, look like a mere preparation of the wonderful transformation that is happening. From the happiest memories on retreats to the most challenging self-realization moments during sessions, I feel I am finally beginning to experience a life worth living and a sense of gratitude is accompanying me everywhere. You changed my life for the better in ways I couldn’t have dreamt of. Thank you for being such an inspiration and for helping me grow and become who I really am.
– Katherine de Freycinet


How can art help us heal?

How can art help us heal?

In our workshops at WhiteLight we offer art as one way to connect to our self in a very profound way and express what lies deep within us. It’s a very powerful way of healing which helps us to open our heart and without the need of verbalizing while creating we...

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How can we stop re-living the pain of the past?

How can we stop re-living the pain of the past?

Everyone living on this planet has experienced pain. And what is most surprising to me is that it’s not so much the pain which hurts us the most, it is the way we deal with it or not which makes it seem unbearable. In this article I’m focusing on emotional pain,...

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